Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg bucked the Republican establishment, changed his party affiliation to Independent and became New York City mayor

JFK / Eisenhower

United the country through problem-solving, Kennedy by inspiring us to send a man to the moon, and Eisenhower by creating the Interstate Highway System.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Roosevelt is one of the rare First Ladies to publicly disagree with her husband, and the first to hold her own press conferences. She was an outspoken advocate for women’s rights and the civil rights of African Americans and Japanese Americans. She oversaw the drafting of the International Declaration of Human Rights and has been called “the object of almost universal respect.”


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Abraham Lincoln

Put the country’s needs ahead of his own personal gain.

Bill & Melinda Gates

Inspired the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs to donate their personal wealth to solving the world’s greatest problems,

Tip O'Neill / Ronald Reagan

Worked together to pass historic tax reform, and found a bipartisan solution to save Social Security.