James Madison Fellowship

The James Madison Fellowship Program

Empowering the Next Generation of Innovative Political Bridge-Builders

Building on MAP’s success in organizing the bipartisan Congressional Future Caucus, the James Madison Fellowship Program engages young leaders who have demonstrated success transcending partisan lines and embodied pragmatic, solutions-oriented thinking. The Program will offer Fellows unique opportunities for national exposure, build the first-ever national community of Millennial political leaders across partisan lines, and provide Fellows with access to mentors and cross-partisan policy workshops. Fellows will also have the opportunity to serve as ambassadors of MAP’s mission and inspire young leaders to enter public service as innovative bridge-builders.

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In 1791, James Madison—Founding Father, chief architect of the Constitution, and 4th President of the United States—foresaw the paralyzing danger of entrenched political polarization. However, he also believed that engaged, thoughtful public leaders could overcome such divisions. With this vision in mind, the Millennial Action Project (MAP) James Madison Fellowship identifies and supports rising young leaders around the country who are committed to bridging partisan divides. Madison Fellows will participate in a year-long program designed to:

· Empower innovative Millennial political leaders to challenge existing partisan polarization and promote post-partisan policy ideas.

· Build a community of Millennial political leaders to engage in programming that models creative collaboration, forges cross-partisan relationships, and provides a venue for political bridge-building.

· Promote a post-partisan, Millennial leadership paradigm to a national audience with Fellows exemplifying constructive leadership.

What Does a Fellowship Entail?   **More details available to applicants upon request**

National Exposure: Through national-level events, media, and speaking engagements, Fellows will have the opportunity to share their challenges and successes in crossing partisan lines and advancing innovative policy initiatives.

Unique Post-Partisan Community: The Fellowship Program will build the first-ever national community of Millennial political leaders across party lines to exchange ideas, form collaborations, and share best practices.

Mentors: MAP will bring in top leaders experienced in political bridge-building to help guide our Fellows’ journeys in public service.

High-Level Bipartisan Policy Convenings: As part of the program, Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in intimate conversations with the nation’s leading policy experts and thought leaders from across the political spectrum.

Inspiring Future Leaders: We believe the power of example can inspire young people.  That’s why we will leverage our national platform to bring our dynamic Fellows into settings such as college campuses and schools, where they can directly encourage and inspire the next generation of solutions-oriented public leaders.

Many of the in-person events and meetings will take place during two national summits (approx. 2-3 days each). Throughout the year, Fellows will also participate in conference calls and virtual roundtables to foster additional discussion among the group. More program details are available to applicants.

Selecting Fellows

The public application period for the 2013-2014 Madison Fellows Program has closed.  Please feel free to e-mail fellowship@millennialaction.org with any questions or inquiries. Thank you for your interest!

Fellows may be serving in a state or local elected position, working as regular political commentators in media, or demonstrating political leadership in other ways. Selection criteria include four core areas:

1. Leadership potential in respective field

2. Demonstrated interest in post-­‐partisan collaboration 3. Dedication to public service 4. Level of influence in respective field


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