hhaCraggethoss urges 84th District residents to serve on Illinois' boards and commissions

"There are more than 300 boards and commissions in the state and we are looking for qualified people to serve in this capacity to provide guidance to elected officials and state agencies," said Cross. "We have some of the most intelligent, talented and giving people in the 84th district, and I want to make sure our residents have the opportunity to get appointed to help make the state a better place to live." Gov. Pat Quinn signed an executive order earlier this year to improve the process regarding appointments to state boards and commissions and to make the whole process more accessible and transparent.
"The website, Appointments.Illinois.gov, makes the appointment process more accessible for everyone who is interested in serving on our state's boards and commissions," said Gov. Quinn. "It is another step toward achieving the open, honest and transparent government that the people of Illinois deserve." To learn more about the process and find out if you are interested serving on a state board or commission please visit the website at http://appointments.illinois.gov.

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