Our country faces many strategic challenges, from global economic competition to rising fiscal debt to environmental degradation. Though the sources of these problems are many, they share something in common: each is aggravated by the inaction of our political leaders. This inaction is rooted in the highly polarized soils of 21st century American politics. Polarized leadership is the fundamental cause of our political dysfunction and gravely threatens our government’s ability to respond to long-term economic, social, and environ­mental concerns. We believe the solution to partisan acrimony and political dysfunction lies in the Millennial Generation. Defined by our diversity, integration with modern communications technology, and collaborative attitude, Millennials refuse to see the world in traditional ideological terms. As a result, Millennials hold great promise to revitalize our stagnant politics with innovative approaches to policy and post-partisan leadership. The inverse is also true—our generation has the most to lose from the debilitated political process. We will inherit crippling debt, environmental damage, and an economic strategy ill-suited for a globalizing world. By promoting Millennial values, supporting creative Millennial ideas, and fostering future-oriented Millennial leadership, we can shift political attitudes to focus on the next generation and shape a more positive political environment for the future.

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